Had a slight outage after a patch from MS but back up now (Dec 2021)


Welcome to IDOC - A simple RunUO Server

My name is Henry and I run this server for fun and not for profit. We are professionally hosted on a high availability server and have been stable for over 7 years.


Come join us and have a look around and stay a while. Enjoy playing the game that changed everything, the server is set around the time of Mondains Legacy (with a few custom scripts and some more recent features).


Click on "Getting Started" above and download the required software. Account creation is automatic, just login with your chosen account name and password.

Currently taking Bitcoin donations 3BfxuXg5ths3zffcwWALtnzeH7WKh63XRF


Dogecoin DFLNo7M5T3t2m1sUKUPHUEttXxb9b2VqwZ

IDOC - Keep it Simple - Have Fun

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Please use uo.mondains.com port 2593 to login to the server

(You can still use the IP if you like Port 2593)

In danger of collapsing is an ultima online private server and no way related to EA


I love IDOC - Its simple and I can log and play then leave it a few months and my stuff is still here!


Its simple, download the client, download Razor and enjoy the oldest MMO of them all.


Start with an Advanced Character token and jump straight in with no painful grinding.

Please tell your friends about IDOC

All are welcome, message me through the forums if you have any questions.